Jasmin Basati from Björk & Berries

Organic luxury for someone special

“Come and browse around in our shop. We have natural products that really work for face, body and hands,” says Jasmin. “Our fragrances have been inspired by the different Scandinavian seasons. How about a spa day with a soap scrub, bath oil and body serum, suitable for both women and men?”

Björk & Berries brings you organic luxury that breathes natural and organic Swedish production. Beauty sprung from Swedish nature and culture. “We use ingredients including birch leaves, bark, sea buckthorn, witch hazel, essential oils, Aloe vera and various vitamins,” says Jasmin.

Try a product from our White Forest series, with birch as the principal ingredient. The fragrance is sensual and melodramatic, full of wood and fresh forest air, as well as ingredients such as rhubarb, vetiver and tonka beans. Never Spring with sea buckthorn will have you longing for the spring, which never seems to arrive. Or Dark Rain, with witch hazel as its active ingredient, and which is inspired by the first rainy day of autumn and has an earthy fragrance of wood and amber.


Jasmin Basati from Björk & Berries provides you with gorgeous beauty tips at the shop in Sturegallerian.

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Body Serum, based on six different essential oils to improve the elasticity of the skin and to moisturize it deeply. SEK 450 for 200 ml.